Komplett refunds me!

In a previous post about consumer rights, I mentioned how I had asked Komplett for a refund for a faulty drive they had sent me.

Having read on the Consumer Association of Ireland website that I was entitled to a refund, not just the options of repair/replace which were offered on the Komplett website, I emailed Komplett saying I would prefer a refund.

I received an email from Komplett this week informing me that my credit card had just been credited with a full refund!

Excellent, now I can look to getting a different external storage solution. Several people have recommended Seagate so I may give them a look.

2 thoughts on “Komplett refunds me!”

  1. Every seagate drive i’ve ever bought died within 2 years – I’ll admit i’ve only had two of them but they both died. I have 10 year old WD and IBM/Hitachi drives still going strong.

    Stay away from LaCie external drives also – the electronics inside are not up to scratch. i’ve seen 3 die in the last year – drives inside were fine, but the controller cards just stopped working.

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