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Komplett refunds me!

In a previous post about consumer rights, I mentioned how I had asked Komplett for a refund for a faulty drive they had sent me.

Having read on the Consumer Association of Ireland website that I was entitled to a refund, not just the options of repair/replace which were offered on the Komplett website, I emailed Komplett saying I would prefer a refund.

I received an email from Komplett this week informing me that my credit card had just been credited with a full refund!

Excellent, now I can look to getting a different external storage solution. Several people have recommended Seagate so I may give them a look.

Your rights as a consumer

I bought a Western Digital My Book 1tb external hard drive recently from Komplett.ie and it was dead on arrival.

I checked the Komplett site and was led to a page with instructions on returns

Komplett.ie returns instructions

I followed the instructions and received an RMA several days later. I posted back the drive and a week later I received an email saying:

RMA item received, not tested yet.
You will be notified later by e-mail at the next action.

They haven’t even looked at it yet? AAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

This was on November 30th. I ordered this device on November 2nd. I still don’t have an external storage option over a month later.

Over the weekend I started looking into my rights as a consumer and I noticed on the Consumer’ Association of Ireland website that:

When you buy goods from a retailer, you make a contract with him. He agrees to provide certain goods to you for a certain price. If your purchase turns out to be faulty, the retailer, not the manufacturer, is responsible to you and must sort out your complaint. You are entitled to a refund, a replacement or a repair.

[emphasis added]

A refund? I didn’t see any mention of this anywhere on the Komplett website but according to the Consumer’s Association, I am within my rights to ask for it – excellent!

I have now emailed Komplett asking for a full refund. It will be interesting to see their response (and how long it takes). I’m not holding my breath.

Komplett drags its feet on returns

I bought my dead on arrival Western Digital My Book Pro II from Komplett.ie. I ordered it on November 2nd. It arrived on November 17th. Dead. I applied for an RMA yesterday (November 20th).

I still haven’t received the RMA over 24 hours after applying for it. There is no reason whatsoever why the RMA couldn’t be issued immediately on application (particularly if Komplett or Western Digital were using a SaaS returns application like myRMA.net – Philips use it, as do Tyco, so you know it is enterprise class).

I wonder will the RMA take as long to process as the original order?

[Disclosure – I used to work for the company which developed myRMA.net back in 2002-2003]