Apple releases 10.5.1 update to Leopard

Apple released an update to OS X 10.5 (Leopard) today. The standalone update is 110mb but when I downloaded it this morning through Software Update it was a 38mb download for my machine.

According to the Apple info page on the update, it:

includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac

The page goes on to include details of fixes for Airport, Mail, iCal, System and Finder as well as other fixes.

Personally, I love Leopard. I know some people have had issues with it but I have had the opposite experience. The upgrade to Leopard has actually fixed two previous problems I was having with 10.4 and my laptop is now running faster too. Hopefully 10.5.1 will resolve most of the early issues people have had with Leopard.

3 thoughts on “Apple releases 10.5.1 update to Leopard”

  1. This might be very naive as I’ve only spent about 45mins using my upgraded MacBook (Tiger to Leopard), but I can’t see much difference first look. Not £85 worth anyway.

    Spaces/Stacks/Coverflow and…….. I don’t use mail, photobooth, iChat etc.

    That said, I’m guessing a lot has happened behind the scenes. Right?

  2. Robin,

    much of the Finder code has been updated so it now runs faster. Also, I prefer the look of the newer Finder windows – especially when (re_connecting to network shares.

    Then there is the new Safari. It just works. If I could add Adblock and Session Saver to it, it would be my default browser.

  3. Leopard is the cause of the iChat video no longer working. It worked just fine on Tiger. As soon as the family installed Leopard, we lost our iChat video option. I’m VERY disappointed! VERY!

    I want a FIX for this issue. We are told that possibly Leopard eliminated port useage, so now we have to go into our router and open up ports.

    Tiger wasn’t a problem. Leopard is.

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