9 thoughts on “Test post from my iPod”

  1. You’re welcome! They did a nice job at making the interface simple, light, and consistent with iPhone / iPod Touch apps. It’s a breeze to use, even on AT&T’s sub-56k Edge network.

  2. Myself and Audrey got an iPod touch too, very impressed, very sexy. BUT have you found any stuck pixels on yours? We have two stuck pixels… one brighter than the other.

    To be honest I didn’t see them until Audrey pointed them out.

    Tried some of the so called ‘fixes’ out there, but they seem a bit snake oil like to be honest, the screen flashes different colours but nobody is willing to state how long this needs to occur to allegedly fix the stuck pixels…

  3. The comments link didn’t work for you? I use it almost every day to deal with spam and moderated comments. Did you try clearing Safari’s cache?

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