Are you an Irish startup seeking funding?

When I was in Berlin last week I met with Yoav Leitersdorf of YL Ventures. Yoav is looking to invest in interesting Irish startups. In his own words:

YL Ventures ( is a venture capital fund that is focused on ‘exiting’ to strategic acquirers at good bite-size valuaitons of $20m-$50m rather than the typical $500m+ for most VCs. YL Ventures delivers excellent, concept-proven European & Israeli technology companies that it has invested in and helped grow & validate from the Internet, telecom (mostly mobile) and digital media sectors (and occasionally network security and enterprise software).

Recent press is available at, note especially the write-ups in Czech Business Weekly and blognation Italy.

If you are an Irish startup and are interested in getting in touch with Yoav, let me know in the comments or directly on and I’ll do an intro.

2 thoughts on “Are you an Irish startup seeking funding?”

  1. Hi Tom,

    After a extensive I have finally made a plan that I feel is ready to look for startup funding.

    Is it possible to get an Introduction is Yoav is still interested in evaluating any opportunties.


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