Microsoft give up on trying to fix Windows Live OneCare

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how slow Microsoft’s Support people were in getting back to me to resolve an issue I have with Windows Live OneCare.

The other day they sent me an email which said:

Case Reference Number: 1039327169

Dear Mr.Raftery,

Unfortunately we have been unsuccessful in resolving your issue at this time; therefore I can confirm I am closing this case as unresolved.

I’m sorry, what? That’s it?

Microsoft are just giving up?

Windows Live OneCare is such a piece of junk that Microsoft themselves can’t even support it?

This doesn’t auger well for the rest of their Windows Live offerings.


5 thoughts on “Microsoft give up on trying to fix Windows Live OneCare”

  1. I paid over 60 dollars for my windows live onecare! I restored and started all over,with registering and updating ,and downloading everything again! then i tried to reinstall live onecare i have an account with for a year fully paid for! I did all i was to do to installing it with them having my records of my paid account! I very upset cause now its not letting me install it completely and it says there is a error and cant complete the install that i’ve already paid for ! I’ve tried uninstalling what is showing in my add and remove updates and i get the same error notice with no help ! I follow they’r directions and all its doing is giving me the run around and i end up right back with the error saying its incomplete installing! Im very frustrated and im getting no where with them!

  2. I purchased a copy of this onecare w/an hp laptop. i also wanted to put it on a desktop that i have at home. i have been unsuccessful at getting the desktop to install the program. the error message says that “the procedure entry point AttachConsole could not be located int eh dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.

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