Monica Leech comes down hard on Gavin!

Gavin Sheridan has had Monica Leech come down on him (or to be more precise her legal advisor, one Ms Karyn Harty has).

Gavin has published an email he received from her solicitor today, asking him to remove a post from his blog which referenced her (mentioning the Joe Duffy show in which it was speculated that she was giving oral sex to Minister Martin Cullen).

There is nothing controversial in Gavin’s (now removed) post. He merely wrote a story quoting from various already published articles.

The fact that Monica Leech’s legal team went after Gavin and not the sources which Gavin quoted from (Irish Times and Irish independent) shows how blogs are seen by the legal profession as low hanging fruit when it comes to situations like this.

Gavin’s post is easily found in Google’s cache. Somehow I don’t see Monica’s legal team going after Google, no matter how much she earned working for Minister Cullen.

11 thoughts on “Monica Leech comes down hard on Gavin!”

  1. The Indo and RTE are also the subject of litigation as far as I am aware Tom – not sure about the Irish Times.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Google was approached with a takedown, it has been known to happen.

  2. Sad reality of things alright. For an article that started off stating that there was a public apology from RTE to the parties involved, you’d think they’d want to keep publicising the fact that there was an apology rather than have it removed. How long before everyone is stopped from writing anything about politicians or their activities? Although I guess there’ll always be the loophole of certain extreme right wing ministers who are willing to leak info to the press for their own goals…

  3. The title of the post is bound to have pissed her off – hardly surprising.

    We’ve had a number of libel / slander take down notices on Blogsome. The fact that the posts remain in Google really gets to the individuals concerned (usually this is the source of their complaint – when they google their name, the slanderous post comes up in the top few results). Recently we’ve had to automate the process of removing the content while leaving the blank page with the required Google metatags so that it’s removed from its index.

  4. @Roger

    Google now has a removal tool within the Webmaster Console that allows you to get rid of pages from the index. I’ll probably see you later so will mention it then.


  5. Sadly the Crewser will no longer be contributing to the PI blog as Anthony and Gavin are unable to withstand all the criticism. As you all know these two “bandit boys” are running an “anti Fianna Fail” smear campaign on their site under the guise of an anti corruption agenda. The Crewser brought this to the attention of the public and suddenly Anthony and Gavin have panicked and banished him from the site. In any event the Crewser is running for Dail Eireann and will have no time for fluting around with the likes of Gavin and Anthony. These pair of “bandit boys” who travel everywhere together are really very sensitive souls. They like dishing out criticism but they are not so cool when they get some in return.

  6. Hehe. Who refers to themselves in the third person these days?

    Not happy with trolling blogs I run, now you are trolling other people’s blogs.

    Please continue your campaign Crewser, and good luck in the election!

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