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Monica Leech comes down hard on Gavin!

Gavin Sheridan has had Monica Leech come down on him (or to be more precise her legal advisor, one Ms Karyn Harty has).

Gavin has published an email he received from her solicitor today, asking him to remove a post from his blog which referenced her (mentioning the Joe Duffy show in which it was speculated that she was giving oral sex to Minister Martin Cullen).

There is nothing controversial in Gavin’s (now removed) post. He merely wrote a story quoting from various already published articles.

The fact that Monica Leech’s legal team went after Gavin and not the sources which Gavin quoted from (Irish Times and Irish independent) shows how blogs are seen by the legal profession as low hanging fruit when it comes to situations like this.

Gavin’s post is easily found in Google’s cache. Somehow I don’t see Monica’s legal team going after Google, no matter how much she earned working for Minister Cullen.