Blogger meetup in Dublin tonight!

I’m in Dublin this evening and suddenly find myself at a loose end – if anyone would like to meet up for a drink/bite to eat/chat/whatever, leave a comment here or drop me a mail to

I’m staying in La Stampa which is just opposite the Mansion House and will be free from around 6pm onwards.

5 thoughts on “Blogger meetup in Dublin tonight!”

  1. Hi Lads,

    There’s a gang of us going to a charity comedy night in the Laughter Lounge this evening if you’d like to join us. The line up looks really good and the proceeds are going to two really deserving causes (I work for one of them, so trust me, I know).
    Most of the girls from the DEBRA Ireland office will be heading down, so feel free to come along. We’re meeting in the MET bar on Eden quay at half six and doors open at 7. The show doesn’t start until half eight, but there’s a free cocktail for everyone so we’ll probably head in before that. Tickets are €20 and can be got through us tonight. It should be a laugh and it would be great to see you there.

    Take care,

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