Komplett drags its feet on returns

I bought my dead on arrival Western Digital My Book Pro II from Komplett.ie. I ordered it on November 2nd. It arrived on November 17th. Dead. I applied for an RMA yesterday (November 20th).

I still haven’t received the RMA over 24 hours after applying for it. There is no reason whatsoever why the RMA couldn’t be issued immediately on application (particularly if Komplett or Western Digital were using a SaaS returns application like myRMA.net – Philips use it, as do Tyco, so you know it is enterprise class).

I wonder will the RMA take as long to process as the original order?

[Disclosure – I used to work for the company which developed myRMA.net back in 2002-2003]

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  1. You complain about that?!
    I ordered a bluetooth headset some other stuff from Expansys in the UK in July.
    When I hadn’t received anything two weeks later I called them to follow up only to be told that the items had been delivered to me 4 days after placing the order. That’s quite interesting because at that time I was out of the country. Also I am sure that I would have remembered receiving it…
    Anyway, I called Expansys for clarification and they said that they “would look into it”.
    A week went by without a reply and I called them again only to be told by a very irate customer service person that they had requested “proof of delivery” from the courier.
    Several more weeks went by without a conclusive answer and with several calls & emails from me (most of which were left unanswered). I was then told that they could not obtain proof of delivery from the courier….
    I decided to call the courier myself and within 5 minutes they faxed me a copy of the delivery docket with a signature on it. Surprisingly the signature was my name but it was NOT my signature…
    Obviosuly there was something smelly here.
    I forwarded teh “proof of delivery” to Expansys outlining the sitiation and I also lodged a complaint with the courier..

    It is now 5 months since I placed my order and neither Expansys nor the courier have been forthcomming with an explanation.
    It goes without saying that I still have not received what I ordered and paid for.

    I have now given up as the time spent chasing this has already cost me more than the goods are worth.
    As much as I am not one for giving up and tend to “go pittbull” in these kind of cases it is just not worth it in the long run.
    There is no easy, straightforward method for solving these type of issues so fraudsters like this just get away with it..


  2. Oh, good luck with Komplett. I remember vowing never to use them again after I went through 2-3 months of trying to get one item returned!

  3. I bought a PC for my son. We assembled it and it would not work. I repacked it and brought it to Komplett myself. They refunded my cash almost immediately. Not a problem

  4. Beware if you are buying a computer from Komplett.ie

    I did, and have had nothing but heartache since. The computer Arrived on Tuesday 25th March 2008 , I installed windows XP rebooted – it crashed (blue screen) and the cooling fan on the video card became very noisy. After reinstalling several times and crashing 20 times. I came to the conclusion that this was a hardware fault and contacted the company the same day by email. I received an automatic response stating that I would receive a reply within 24 hrs, I finally received a reply on Friday the 28th March after a reminder to them on the 27th (not 24hrs). The following Tuesday they sent me an email with a RMA number. The next day they sent me an email telling me to try a different hard drive etc, even though I had sent it back the day before as instructed. and so on and on.

    Anyway to cut a long story short they point blank refused to give me a refund see email from them below. Its obvious that they do not understand the consumer law in Ireland , and this aint over yet. Will keep you informed. Do you have any bad Komplett experiences ? let us know.

    Dear Sir,

    When goods are made to your personal specifications (PC built to order) then you do not have the right to cancel and get a refund.

    We are truly sorry about the problems you were having. Off course you are entitled to a working pc and we will repair and return it to you as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,

    Komplett Customer Service

  5. I’m in the market at present for a 40-42 inch tv. I really like the new philips range and was doing some research on the internet when i saw the price comparisson that Komplett have for their prices against retailers in dublin. I understand that retailers have more over head costs but if there was little in the price i would always shop with the retailer, take the item there and then, have a point of contact should i need help or if in was a faulty product and so on.
    Komplett had a comparison that a particular tv that they sold at E907 was E1299 in Harvey Norman. I had been into Harvey Norman a few times looking at the model i was interested in and i have never seen it at E1299. It has always been E999!! Whats more is that when i called my local Harvey Norman the staff member there was eager for my business, spoke with his manager and agreed to match the deal and offered me even more savings on a package deal!
    I have no confidence in Komplett if they are boasting about how much you save when honest shopping got me a better price and great service and i had my TV at home for the Ireland game last night! Perfect!

  6. I am about to purchase a flatscreen t v and today received a flyer from komplett.ie.
    Having read the above experiences I am going to stick with the old reliable ….POWERCITY…who i have dealt with for many years.
    They have the goods in stock …you pay your money and bring them home !!!!
    Any faults they replace …just like that !!!!

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