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Dear Roger of Irishblogs –

I have been having problems with my blog’s listing in search engines wwhich may be due to your practices.

please remove this blog from your feed list for irishblogs (and corkblogs) until you:

  1. Stop caching content on corkblogs and
  2. Until corkblogs and irishblogs uses the original post URLs rather than’s internal ones



10 thoughts on “Remove this blog from irishblogs”

  1. Tom,

    Of course I will remove your blog from our aggregators. Hopefully we can fix things quickly and have you back on

    I’ve just spotted this post and the other earlier post. I’m puzzled by a no. of things. Firstly the page that Google Blog Search SERP now links to, here, doesn’t actually contain any of the content – yet they have the content in their SERP’s. I’m also puzzled as to how Google get to that page as I thought we had removed all links to it. We only retained that page so that old links would not return a 404 but would provide the user with a route to the original result. Google must be somehow getting your content but be joining our title and link to it (thinking it a duplicate without checking to see if the post content is there). It could be possibly be resolved quite easily by us removing the title and link to your feed from that “cache” (it doesn’t actually cache the post) page, which of course we will do if that fixes things. It could also be a guid issue as we made changes on this about 2 weeks ago in order to avoid duplicates on Those in the know here on feeds etc. are on holidays until Monday. We will get to work on this first think on Monday and report to you on our progress.


  2. Tom,

    I think I see where the problem is coming from. The problem is with the link given in our front page RSS feed which is a link to the old cached page. I don’t know whether this was legacy FeedWordpress stuff or what but it shouldn’t be the case and apologies for that. We’ll fix it first thing on Monday.


  3. Ah hah. That’s why in my bloglines searches I was also getting links to the cached page link but with the content snapshot that was on the front page.

  4. Actually it’s Google too. Google for Radiodread. IrishBlogs comes before my site even though it is my post on IrishBlogs that is being linked to.

  5. We have changed the link in the RSS feed directly to the blog. This was indeed legacy code from FeedWordpress (which we have practically totally re-written). So the problem mentioned hereshould not occur again.


  6. Damien,
    “Radiodread” – no. 5 in the serps – – no.11. So Google seems to have sorted it out. I’m surprised if a category/similar-to page will stay above the original posts unless there are other blog posts in there.

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