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Blog training course discussion area

Paul O’Mahony is one of the people sitting in on the Blog Training Course I am running for it@cork. Paul has been blogging for a while now and I first met him at the Irish Blog Awards earlier this year.

Paul made a suggestion in the comments on his own blog that I put up:

something up on your blog about the course, so that people on the course can have a place where they could comment. I’m thinking that I may not be the only person on the course who would like to keep track of how I’m getting on with loading RSS for example. If there was one central place where we could put reports on progress, we could thereby learn from each other. I don’t mean set you up in a Q&A situation – that would be outside the remit of the course – but give everyone an opportunity to experience social networking

Initially I thought a wiki might be more suitable for this purpose but as this is a blog training course, let’s do it through the comments of this post. So, as Paul suggests, if you are on the course and want to share thoughts, suggestions, criticisms, whatever about the course, use the comments of this post to do so.

Remove this blog from irishblogs

Dear Roger of Irishblogs –

I have been having problems with my blog’s listing in search engines wwhich may be due to your practices.

please remove this blog from your feed list for irishblogs (and corkblogs) until you:

  1. Stop caching content on corkblogs and
  2. Until corkblogs and irishblogs uses the original post URLs rather than IrishBlogs.ie’s internal ones



Irishblogs.ie wrecking my buzz?

I wrote an article on Microsoft’s IE7 earlier today but it didn’t show up in a couple of places I’d have expected to have seen it.

Curious, I did a bit of looking around. I searched several search engines and was surprised to find that in Google’s BlogSearch, not alone does my article not appear, but a copy of my article appears linked to Irishblogs.ie.

Irishblogs.ie wrecking my buzz?

Irishblogs.ie is an Irish blog aggregator. Why is their copy of my article appearing in the Google search results (search position 8 in the results above) while my site is not found at all?

Should I stop irishblogs.ie from taking my content?

How not to complain

Michele Neylon put up a post last night, ostensibly about how not to do PR, but really it was about how some of his competitors are getting legalistic with clients. I think.

The post was one of the more cryptic posts I have read in a long time. Seemingly someone somewhere, who may be a competitor of Michele’s, sent a legal letter to someone for something. You with me so far?

It goes on. Somebody else, who is also a competitor (may or may not be the same competitor) engages in sharp business practices and may have also sent out a legal letter (this is not clear).

Jeez Michele. If you have got something to say, just say it. Don’t hide behind “somebody somewhere did something to somebody”.

Either that or say nothing.