Free unlocked Nokia N80 wifi phone

Pat Phelan of Roam4free is offering a free unlocked Nokia N80 wifi mobile phone for:

to the most helpful comment/advice on the the first draft of page one of our new website

So, head on over to Pat’s post and leave comments/advice on the new site to be in with your chance to win an N80.

[Disclosure: unfortunately I’m advising Pat on his blogging strategy ‘cos I’d love an N80!]

2 thoughts on “Free unlocked Nokia N80 wifi phone”

  1. ok the nokia n80 is a great phone now if ur mainly looking for memory its probably not the best choice because it does only have 40mb of memory enough to hold atleast 8 songs and thats not very much it does although have a expandable memory which if your willing to buy a memory card might be useful i no i found the expandable memory on sony ericsson k750i useful. But the main purpose i would buy this phone is for the camera it has a very high mega pixel camera (3.2)and a 20x zoom. It includes all the things uyou could want such as bluetooth,tri-band frequency(means it can work in europe and the us,) a mp3 player and includes syncronisation tools.
    I myself have a k750i which is about the same as the nokia n80 but the camera is worse that is why i would like to upgrade to the n80
    it looks like this thread is out of date but if it isnt please email me on

  2. k750i=N80 (except for the camera)..?!? PLEASE!!!!!!
    N-O-T A C-H-A-N-C-E!!! ..not even by far!

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