I aspire to goldfish attention!!!

I was having an IM conversation with Dennis Howlett the other day and we were discussing how the blogosphere’s echo chamber effect can serve to inflate blogger’s egos. For example, in the offline world how many people do you know who have ever heard of Robert Scoble?

Dennis asked me:

name me 3 journalists you would read and associate with a specific topic?

My answer was:

I stopped reading print media quite some time ago. I’ll occasionally pick up the Economist when visiting my father’s house, other than that, my reading is done online.

I then went on to say:

Often I forget who I just read immediately after I click away from their site

Yup, if I had an attention span even approaching that of a goldfish, imagine how much more successful I would be!!!

Seriously though, I visit far more blogs per day than I can remember. With the number of blogs doubling every 5 months or so, you have to have seriously compelling content in order to stick out from the crowd. Or you could try hoping that people’s attention spans are better than mine (highly likely) and improving (less likely)!

5 thoughts on “I aspire to goldfish attention!!!”

  1. With you on this Tom – I have close to zero retention of all media I scan – books, films and now the internet and blogs. Nothing Web2 about it – just a laziness in the way I structure/approach my consumption.

    And you are right – I do not think this is common – at least at this extreme!


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