Schwag disclosure

I have recently received some schwag – a biro, 2 t-shirts and a bag from Murphys and a t-shirt from Flock – so now you know anything I blog about these companies is bound to be tainted by the exorbitant presents they have been raining on me 😉


Having said that, if you really want my posts to be tainted towards your product or service – might I suggest an all expenses paid foreign holiday, a new MacBook Pro, or a cool car.

Well, I can dream, can’t I?

9 thoughts on “Schwag disclosure”

  1. Aw – Im just delighted that I figured out how to get the camera to take the pic!

    I had to mount the camera on a tripod (first time trying that), I had to use the timer (first time intentionally doing that!), and I had to focus the camera on a blank wall where I was going to be standing – this was the most difficult part. What I ended up doing was placing a sticker on the wall, focussing on that and then standing in front of the sticker!


  2. Alternatively, set your camera to auto-focus with multiple frames snapped during a time-released shutter and the second or third image will have you as sharp as a tack unless you’re a running tack.

  3. Cool,

    nice tip Bernie, thanks – now I just have to figure out how to set it to take multiple pictures during a time-released shutter!!!

    Bought the camera (Canon Eos 350d) in Spain so the manuals are in Spanish!

  4. So at the Cork bloggers meetup we were talking about browsers and Tom said he quite liked flock!! Now we know he was paid off! The question is would he say he uses Internet Explorer if he got a free t-shirt! 😉

  5. Hey Tom, shall I tell you about the tickets I got to see Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, or the quad biking we did in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco or how about having Patrick Stewart as the keynote, the Mont Blanc pens, trips to Alcatraz Island, a press event atop the Twin Towers (before 9/11 I might add), or the tequila tasting session in Tijuana at the place where they allegedly invented the Caesar Salad? Just for starters…

    Nah – Ok – those days are very much over (but it was fun while it lasted.) I don’t know if it counts but I’ve collected laptop bags from over 50 conferences. Which probably makes me thoroughly corrupted.

  6. This commment sponsored by Flock, the social browser. Now with more sodium!


    Glad you got your shirt!

    Will Pate
    Community Ambassador, Flock

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