If I had a suspicious mind…

I wrote a post a couple of weeks back about Hotmail deleting all my mails and it generated quite a bit of discussion (40 comments to-date).

One of the comments was from Omar Shahine – Omar is a program manager on the Hotmail team. I appreciated his dropping by and commenting.

Then over the weekend, Omar posted about the issue on his own blog – he said:

we have changed the policy for Windows Live Mail accounts to 120 day expiration… I just sent Tom a Windows Live Mail Invite to fix his storage issue and hopefully the expiration issue if he still cares to use the service.

All fair enough so far – execpt for the fact that I haven’t received any Windows Live Mail invite from Omar!

Then when I left a comment to that effect on his blog to that effect, the comment never appeared. Several comments left after mine have appeared so this looks a little bit dubious to me! What does anyone else think?

UPDATE: – Omar came back to me and explained that he had sent the invite to my Hotmail account! I haven’t logged into that account since all my mail was deleted – (why would I?) so I didn’t see it. He didn’t, however, explain the disappearance of the comment I left on his blog.

3 thoughts on “If I had a suspicious mind…”

  1. Tom, I sent the invite to your hotmail address. I got it from the screen shot. I could have mistyped it.

    Can you do me a favor and email me your hotmail address at shahineo at hotmail.com?



  2. Hi Tom

    Omar is a good guy, I am sure your invite it just lost in the ether.

    Send him an e-mail, this communicating by blog isn’t as efficient as err.. E-mail


  3. @ Omar – Aha I see the problem – I haven’t gone back to my Hotmail account since this happened – why would I – there’s nothing there for me!

    Does the invite have to go through hotmail – if not, my email is tom@tomrafteryit.net

    @ Colin – problem solved now, I think!

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