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Welcome Eoin

Noted Trinity law lecturer and sometime radio pundit on all things legal, Eoin O’Dell has taken the wrappings off his blog finally!

Eoin has been blogging on a private blog for the last several months now but on Friday Eoin took the username and password off his blog and now everyone can read his thoughts on:

privacy, defamation and broadcasting; some cases on freedom of expression, privacy, restitution and copyright; and some random musings about life, the universe and everything

Well done Eoin, we need more people of your calibre joining in the conversations on the blogosphere.

[Disclosure – Eoin and I were in UCC together but afair I haven’t met Eoin since the early 90’s]

Schwag disclosure

I have recently received some schwag – a biro, 2 t-shirts and a bag from Murphys and a t-shirt from Flock – so now you know anything I blog about these companies is bound to be tainted by the exorbitant presents they have been raining on me 😉


Having said that, if you really want my posts to be tainted towards your product or service – might I suggest an all expenses paid foreign holiday, a new MacBook Pro, or a cool car.

Well, I can dream, can’t I?