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Kudos to Michele for pointing out the Organic SEO Wiki – the “organic” refers to the manual type of page optimisation, as opposed to automatic submittal and page alteration.

Everything on the site

can be implemented by one person, rather than having to hire a firm and pay big bucks for them to do the same stuff

Perfect for DIY SEO enthusiasts – and the fact that it is a wiki means that you can contribute to the site as well.

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  1. I’ve also updated my RSS feeds to keep you happy

    I spotted that Michele (that changes the status of posts to unread in RSS readers – I was wondering, at first, how you were so prolific today until I saw it was old posts which had had their status updated rather than a load of new posts!)

  2. I have been a bit more prolific over the last few days, but I simply changed the feed format from summary to full text at your request

  3. I have been a bit more prolific over the last few days

    I spotted that too! – some good stuff there as well – thanks (and thanks for the full feeds – I just realised I forgot to thank you for that in the previous comment)

  4. Wiki’s seem to become more populair. It is indeed a way to gather a lot of information without having to hire a whole army of people who needs to keep a site updated. I think wikipedia is one of the best examples of a good wiki.

  5. I’m perplexed at Kathy being a target when on the list of top people to go after, I doubt she’d be in the first 50 pages (not discrediting her work, she’s brilliant, and gentle, but not the first I’d think would have to deal with this

  6. I wasn’t expecting much, but that a pretty impressive list of topics on the wiki’s first page. Looking at the bottom of the wiki though, it says the last time the page was edited was aug 2007. Is that site dead now? Or is it just the homepage? I like wiki’s as a concept, but never enjoyed them outside of wikipedia. I do most of my seo reading on blogs.

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