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Blueface service down yet again this morning

This morning I was unable to receive incoming calls on my Blueface service. I discovered this when Brian Greene tried to call me. Fortunately we were having an IM chat on Skype at the time so we were able to talk on Skype instead but had it not been for that, I would have been blissfully unaware that there was any problem.

Blueface has me blue in the face.

I have written before about what a crap service I am receiving from voip telephony provider Blueface. Now I know why they are called Blueface.

Yet again today the Blueface service is down and I can’t make outgoing calls from my landline. And anyone who has called me on my mobile knows just how bad mobile reception is here.

It will be difficult to extract myself from Blueface now, as the contact number I have given everyone is the number Blueface have given me.

For anyone considering using their service – don’t. Use any other telephony provider, even Eircom! Really.

UPDATE: – I seem to be having problems with incoming calls as well – if you have been trying to ring me, ring my mobile – +353-86-384 0828