Blueface service down yet again this morning

This morning I was unable to receive incoming calls on my Blueface service. I discovered this when Brian Greene tried to call me. Fortunately we were having an IM chat on Skype at the time so we were able to talk on Skype instead but had it not been for that, I would have been blissfully unaware that there was any problem.

8 thoughts on “Blueface service down yet again this morning”

  1. You mean buy a SkypeIn number?

    The problem with that is that you need to be at your PC to receive calls, either that or you need to buy Skype phones afaik.

    I’m going to have to bite on the bullet and make some change obviously. The reason for my hesitation is that I will have to change my phone number and lots of people have this number so it is a huge hassle to have to change it.

  2. Sligo, the Jajah offering doesn’t work on my mobile – I’m talking to Jajah about the problem. I need to have inward landline access here for my office. Blueface was providing that. I now ned to find another supplier.

    Elly, I don’t think that service announcement is relevant as it only seems to apply to certain Dublin numbers and mine is a Cork number.

  3. Tom – your incoming calls did not work for reasons we explained to you about 20 times. Each time we were met with your arrogant refusal to implement the changes – if you implemented them your phone would work perfectly.

  4. Feargal,

    the only suggestion Blueface made to me was to set up port forwarding. I did this to no avail (as noted in my email to you of 11-Oct-2006).

    You offered to send me a New ATA to try out. I replied on the 12-Oct-2006 accepting your offer of a new ATA but am still waiting to receive it.

    Please forward evidence of other explanations you gave me (20 times or otherwise) along with any arrogant responses you received from me.

    In the absence of the above, feel free to apologise for such outrageous and unfounded slurs.

  5. You would consider jajah instead…. I have written a hack to make free calls using jajah. Just check it out on my blog.

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