7 thoughts on “Blueface service down again”

  1. At least my phone works with BTIreland but I’ve been getting 16 KBs on a 2 Mbs broadband connection for the past 36 hours with a promise to have someone go to the exchange at some point in the next 2 days to “test the line”!

    I’ve had nothing but problems with broadband stability since I switched. I wouldn’t mind but the tech support guy confirmed that all the gear in the exchange is Eircom’s so nothing has really changed yet I have constant disconnects, DSL sync issues and throughput problems. I was at 3 Mbs but they decided the line couldn’t handle it and downgraded me to 2 Mbs (the original Eircom speed I was on). What next? A dial-up modem?

    Eircom may be gougers but in over 2 years with them in the same house, I had one bad day of broadband. If the BT messing continues, I’ll have to revert. Being cheaper is great but only if it is the same quality as the incumbent you are trying to compete against.

  2. just playing devils advocate here, but have you seen the service announcement on the front page of there site? šŸ˜‰

    It links to this page on there forum, it appears eircom humped them by proxy. šŸ™

    Blueface may have there issue’s but who else offers the same service to Irish consumers?

  3. Hi George – thanks for the link. I have seen that already and I don’t think it is relevant as it refers to issues with specific Dublin numbers with receiving calls.

    My number is a Cork number and I am having trouble both making and receiving calls.

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