Bye bye Blueface

Finally I have had enough of the unreliability of the Blueface service!

My new phone number is +353-21-490 8485.

This is the Eircom number on my DSL service. I may go to another provider in time but for now, at least I know the Eircom service works.

10 thoughts on “Bye bye Blueface”

  1. We recently switched to Perlico. Simply because their line rental and unlimited calls bundle is the cheapest. Also, you sign no contract 🙂

  2. Blueface have problems because of the softswitch they are using, you should try out VoIP Ireland, they are not geared towards personal usage like Blueface so wouldn’t really promote it on the website. But they will gladly add an account to the switch and carry your calls. No monthly fee and geographic number. You just pay for calls you make is all. I can tell you for a fact the switch is reliable as well, my quality is perfect and my bandwidth isn’t the best sometimes!

  3. I’ve been with Blueface almost since the time they first started up, and to date have had very few problems. (if any; I can’t actuallt ever recall the service going down!)

  4. Me too. Had a good few probs with blueface in 2006 – but in the last year they’ve been pretty good.

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