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Google launches online presentations

Google announced today that they have added an online presentation function to their Google Docs and Spreadsheets. The new application is called Google Docs Presentations and its functionality is available under the New menu:
Google Docs Presentations

You can import existing PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, OpenOffice files and you can email documents to the application. However, there is no support yet for Apple’s superb Keynote presentation software.

Uploading a file to Google Docs Presentations

Uploaded presentations render quite well and you have all the usual revisioning and collaborative abilities you have to come to expect from Google Docs.

Uploaded presentation

Nathan Weinberg has a great article on how to embed Google Presentations into blog posts/articles – what is really amazing about this functionality is that it combines GTalk with online presentations – giving the ability to chat and present simultaneously from your blog/website.

This is slowly eating not only into the Office suite of applications but also into the web conferencing arena.

First iPhone photo editor app?

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Pixenate on the iPhone, originally uploaded by pxn8.

Having recently successfully deployed their Pixenate FaceBook app (a photo editor for Facebook), it looks like Sxoop Technologies are now out to be the first company to deploy a photo editor for the iPhone!

How cool is that? There is a beautiful fit between the iPhone, which people will be using to take pictures, and photo editing software.

Go Walter – woo hoo!

Google updates Mobile Google Reader – gPhone imminent?

Google has done a significant upgrade of the mobile version of Google Reader, as well as the desktop version. I haven’t seen this written up anywhere yet (apologies if you wrote it up and I missed your post).

Updated Google Reader mobile

Look at the bottom of the screenshot above. There are new links for Tags, Subscriptions, Settings, Sign Out, More Google Products and Google Labs.

This is fantastic – previously Google Reader’s functionality on mobile devices was limited to viewing the 10 most recent posts in your feed.

Now you can change the number of posts displayed (5, 10, or 20) in the Settings, view your posts by Tag, view your Starred and Shared items (in the Tags page) and log into your other Google applications.

Google mobile products page

This has to be the strongest indication yet that the heavily rumoured gPhone is imminent. There is a bit of work to do on it – moving from the Google Reader to Google Calendar requires you to re-enter your Google account info, for example. This should be maintained across Google apps obviously. Other than that it seems to work flawlessy though.

Google Reader updates

Overnight Google added search functionality to Google Reader.

What is amazing is that it took so long for an ostensibly search-related company to add this to the Reader.

Having said that, the search functionality rolled out is extensive allowing searching of individual feeds, all feeds, or by folder lavel.

Google Reader Search

If you don’t see this functionality in your reader account, try logging out and logging back in again.

Another bit of previously available functionality I missed is the ability to collapse the left-hand sidebar with just the keyclick u (as in the image above) and the ability to call up a list of keyboard shortcuts just by clicking ?

Goolge Reader Help

Google Reader is getting better and better. It is now my main reader and has helped me enormously in being more efficient in my feed reading. Google Reader’s only serious competition, Bloglines needs to do something drastic or it will lose out completely to Google.

Cork-based telecoms firm raises €5m

Pat Phelan’s Cubic Telecom have released details of €5m worth of investment they have received. Cubic Telecom is the parent company of the Roam4free and Yak4ever brands.

From the release Cubic has raised a

EUR3.5M investment from private backers in order to develop a suite of innovative global mobile and home phone products under the Cubic Telecom brand, together with its own international virtual carrier network. A further EUR1.5M has been raised to fund a series of international launches of products and services in the coming six months.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, Cubic Telecom are also the only Irish company to make it to the final 100 of the uber prestigious TechCrunch 20.

Google Facebook offline?

Facebook apps are the hot thing at the minute. Everyone who has any kind of a Web 2.0 site has either created one or is in the process of.

When I saw this morning that Google were after creating a Facebook app, I was quite curious. According to the article:

Google made a lovely app for Facebook that lets you search the web and share the results with your friends. Your queries are automatically included in Facebook’s mini-feed, so your web history can be shared with your friends. There’s also a page that showcases popular results found by other Facebook users.

Interesting (and potentially dangerous!) – unfortunately when I clicked on the link I was presented with the following screen:
Google Facebook app offline

Anyone know what’s going on there?

Mac version of Google Earth now showing Manhattan in space?

Google upgraded their amazing Google Earth application overnight to now include the objects in the night sky as well (Google Earth & Sky!).

The Sky part of the application holds a host of information about stars, planets and constellations.

I’m a little confused though as to how Manhattan island appears to have been re-positioned near the Gemini Constellation in my Mac-based Google Earth (but not on the PC curiously).

Google Earth (now with sky!)

My friends in Manhattan will be surprised 😉

Twitter finally enables Twitter profile search

One of the issues with Twitter has always been, apart from straining your eyes looking at the photos in the sidebar on people’s profiles, there was no way to find people you wanted to add as friends.

Twitter solved that yesterday with the addition of a Search box.

How did that functionality take so long to roll out?

Having done a search on Twitter, the results (depending on your search term obviously) look like the following:
Twitter people search results

Now, if only they would roll out a search Tweets!

Web2Ireland Week

Web2Ireland week is on in Dublin September 10th to 14th 2007.

Some of the events look very interesting –
Mashup University – Monday 10th/Tuesday 11th
Mashup Camp – Wednesday 12th/Thursday 13th
Paddy’s Valley Meet-up- Thursday 13th
DemoBar signup and FOWA Road trip – Thursday 13th
OpenCoffee – Friday 14th

The DemoBar looks particularly interesting – shame it is on the same day as the Building Your Business in Second Lifeevent in Cork.

Decisions, decisions!!!