Google Reader updates

Overnight Google added search functionality to Google Reader.

What is amazing is that it took so long for an ostensibly search-related company to add this to the Reader.

Having said that, the search functionality rolled out is extensive allowing searching of individual feeds, all feeds, or by folder lavel.

Google Reader Search

If you don’t see this functionality in your reader account, try logging out and logging back in again.

Another bit of previously available functionality I missed is the ability to collapse the left-hand sidebar with just the keyclick u (as in the image above) and the ability to call up a list of keyboard shortcuts just by clicking ?

Goolge Reader Help

Google Reader is getting better and better. It is now my main reader and has helped me enormously in being more efficient in my feed reading. Google Reader’s only serious competition, Bloglines needs to do something drastic or it will lose out completely to Google.

7 thoughts on “Google Reader updates”

  1. Hi Tom,
    I just discovered that Google added search functionality to Google Reader thanks to your post.
    This will help me search feeds quickly.
    P.S. Did you hear about the new Memory Metal.
    Nickel and Titanium alloys,
    You can smash or bend it and it returns to its original shape within seconds..
    They might use it in automobiles,but it will be expensive.

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