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Photo editing within Flickr

One bit of functionality which Flickr has long been missing is online photo editing. This was a bit of a gaping hole considering Flickr is a site for online photo sharing and storage!

However, Flickr announced yesterday that they have integrated the functionality of online photo editor Picnik into Flickr and it is now possible to edit your photos within Flickr.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the editing functions are quite basic as yet, but the great thing about these online apps is that they tend to improve their functionality over time.

Photo editing in Flickr

I’d love to hear Walter Higgin’s take on this (Walter is a friend and CEO of Sxoop Technologies, the makers of Pixenate – the premiere online photo editor).

First iPhone photo editor app?

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Pixenate on the iPhone, originally uploaded by pxn8.

Having recently successfully deployed their Pixenate FaceBook app (a photo editor for Facebook), it looks like Sxoop Technologies are now out to be the first company to deploy a photo editor for the iPhone!

How cool is that? There is a beautiful fit between the iPhone, which people will be using to take pictures, and photo editing software.

Go Walter – woo hoo!

Your top Web 2.0 apps?

If we ignore the fact that the term Web 2.0 is controversial for all kinds of reasons and concentrate on the applications themselves, which Web 2.0 apps (using the broadest possible definition) do you use most?

I use:

  1. my blog and podcast software all the time (they are run out of WordPress)
  2. my Flickr account regularly to post photos
  3. Google’s Docs and Spreadsheets frequently for collaboration or sharing of documents
  4. Google’s Calendar to synch with my laptop and mobile phone calendars
  5. Technorati, PubSub and Google’s Blogsearch to subscribe to RSS searches
  6. Flock as my main browser of choice (primarily because of the Flickr and integration) – I also use Firefox, Camino, Safari and IE7
  7. Feedburner to burn and track my feeds
  8. NetNewsWire, Google Reader and iTunes to consume my feed list
  9. TechMeme, Megite and TailRank for keeping up with tech news
  10. very occasionally to store URLs for items I have found interesting

What cool Web 2.0 apps am I not using that I should be using? What are your favourite Web 2.0 apps?

Flickr introduces geo tagging

I saw a post on Tech Crunch announcing that Flickr had introduced Geo Tagging (finally!).

I tried it out and I am well impressed, I have to say. It recognises photos which have been previously geotagged and asks if you want to import them. It allows batch tagging (if you have several images which were taken at the one spot) and it uses a simple drag and drop interface.

Flickr GeoTagging

You access the functionality by clickong on the Organize menu (not the dropdown but the Organize menu itself) and then choose the Map tab – not the most intuitive but after that it is entirely straightforward!

Where now is Zooomr‘s usp?

UPDATE: I see the Flickr blog now has a post on this

Adding images to your blog post

A picture is worth a thousand words or so the old saw goes and it is certainly true that an image can greatly help the look of a blog post.

Several people have asked me recently how to add images to blog posts so I thought I’d put up a blog post explaining how I do it in case it would be useful for others.

I store my images online on Flickr. When I want to use an image in a blog post I use the copy of the image which is stored on Flickr. This has the advantages that:

  1. it saves me diskspace from my hosting account,
  2. it saves me bandwidth from my hosting account and
  3. it is easy because Flickr provides the code to use the image from their site!

Being a simple soul, I like it when things are made easy for me.

How do I do it?

Well, click on the image you want to use in your Flickr account. If you don’t have a Flickr account, get one! A free account will allow you to upload 200 images and if you need more than that it costs around $25 p.a.

Once you have selected your image, click on the All Sizes button above the picture.
All Sizes button in Flickr

This brings you to the Available Sizes screen. Here you decide which image size you want in your blog post and select it. I generally go for images around 500 pixels wide (although the one selected below is 240 pixels wide).

Flickr's Available sizes screen

When you select the size you want, the code required to place the image in your blog post is in the field under:

1. Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage:

Copy and paste that code into your blog post et voilà, you now have an image in your blog post.

Finally (!) a Picasa uploader for Mac

Google’s Picasa photo sharing site has released an uploader for the Mac! It is available for download here. You will need a Picasa Web Albums account to use the Uploader.

The download contains a standalone uploader

Picasa Web uploader for Mac

And an uploading plug-in for iPhoto
Picasa iPhoto plugin

I setup a Picasa account to try it out and it seems straightforward enough. The advantage Zooomr and Flickr have over Picasa is how easy they make it to include pictures from either app in your blog posts. Picasa doesn’t make this function available (or I couldn’t find it).

Having both Zooomr and Flickr accounts, I don’t see any advantage to having a Picasa one as well. I suppose if you had a Picasa account and recently got a Mac, then this is useful. Otherwise (unless I’m missing something rad in Picasa), use Flickr or Zooomr.

JUploadr – free photo uploading app

Previously I wrote about how easy uploading photos to Flickr is using Flock.

Since then Thomas Hawk turned me on to Steve Cohen’s cross-platform, open source photo uploader JUploadr.

Why do I like it?

  • Well, it is GPL’d for a start.
  • Cross-platform
  • It allows me to upload photos to my accounts on Flickr and Zooomr
  • It allows batch editing and uploading
  • I can tag my pictures and
  • I can upload directly into my Flickr Sets

Why JUploadr isn’t on Flickr’s Tools page is beyond me. It beats the tools there and it is free (unlike the iPhoto plugin linked to there).

Zooomr 2.0 launches

Photo-sharing site Zooomr re-launched its site with a new version (2.0) in the last couple of days.

Zooomr screen shot
Zooomr screen shot
Hosted on Zooomr

The launch of the new version of the site was delayed by a DOS attack on the servers but Zooomr seem to have put that behind them quite successfully now. The main differences I see in this version of the site are a re-write of the Geotagging process which makes geotagging your photos even easier through Zooomr.

I haven’t tried the Zooomrtations (audio annotating of photos) so I can’t say if this has changed in any way in this release. Very little else has changed radically with version 2.0 (that I can see). In terms of photo sharing I still prefer Flickr’s ability to share your photos with groups. Still the Geotagging in Zooomr is kinda cool and Zooomr are offering pro accounts to bloggers for the moment so you may want to try it out.