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Any questions for Jeff Nolan?

Jeff Nolan is a former executive at SAP (Jeff led the Apollo Strategy Group for SAP – aka the Oracle Attack group) and recently joined a silicon valley startup called Teqlo.

I will be interviewing Jeff tomorrow for the IT@Cork pre-conference podcast series.

If you have any questions you would like me to put to him, feel free to leave them in the comments.

UPDATE – this interview has been postponed until Tuesday Oct. 10th so you still have time to get your questions in! enable in-browser video recording

I have mentioned previously but I didn’t mention their in-browser video recorder.

Today I decided to try it out and I have to say, apart from a few minor quibbles, I am well impressed. Especially since this function is still in Alpha.'s browser based video recorder

What quibbles did I have? Well

  • The counter counting off the time on-screen isn’t very accurate. On my first try, I finished after what the counter told me was 30 secs only to find that the recorded video was 99 seconds!
  • There is no pause button – a pause button is very handy in any recording medium and this is no different. It needs one.
  • The file sizes generated seem inordinately large (one minute 29 seconds – 324mb)
  • I failed to get the video to upload to the site! I had to upload it using UpperBlip (’s free upload tool) and most disturbingly
  • You can now see how far my hairline has receeded!

As I said, this functionality is still in alpha but it is indicative of the great spirit of innovation at I recently published an interview with Mike Hudack, the CEO of, and you can tell from that interview that are going places.

[Non-disclosure] – I have absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with, I just happen to think they are cool!

PodLeaders listener survey

After producing over 40 PodLeaders episodes, I am curious to know who the listeners are. Also, I am investigating trying to monetise PodLeaders venture somewhat!

PodTrac is a company which connects podcasters to advertisers so I am trying to determine the PodLeaders audience profile to see if the site is suitable for advertising. Just look around this site and you’ll see I don’t go overboard with advertising. Nor will I on PodLeaders.

If you have a minute or two, and you do listen to my PodLeaders podcasts, please complete the listener survey.



EXCLUSIVE – Evoca launches in Ireland!

Evoca is podcasting made simple. So simple, even my parents could do it!

What is Evoca? Evoca is a site which allows you to record and upload audio to the Internet. Think Flickr for sound.

Recording in Evoca

How do you record and upload the audio? Well, there are several options. You can:

  • Record the audio yourself and have Evoca simply upload your audio file or
  • You can use Evoca’s built-in recorder to record (using your computer’s microphone)
  • With a Pro account you can record from Skype, or even easier still
  • You can ring Evoca’s server “Emily” from your phone and it (she?) will record and upload the phone call for you

This is fantastic – you are out in the car, perhaps listening to a podcast. Something in the show makes you want to respond – you grab your phone, dial the Evoca number and hey presto! your response is out there.

Or you are a journalist and a story/interview opportunity comes up suddenly – no prob, whip out your mobile, dial Evoca and you are away.

And if you want to save your phoned-in recordings as private (think company exec/journalist/legal or medical professional)? That’s as easy as toggling a switch in your account’s settings.

Evoca made this even easier for Irish users today by launching an Irish phone-in number. If you are an Evoca user and you are based in Ireland, simply dial 01-657 5601 to record your sound clip.

How much does it cost? Well, like Flickr, a basic account is free and a Pro account costs ($4.99 per month in this case). A basic account entitles you to upload 60 minutes audio while a Pro account entitles you to 200 minutes and Evoca are open to negotiate if you need more than that.

What else can it do?

  • Do you want to apply a Creative Commons to your recordings? Bing! No problem, you can chose from a range of CC licensing options (including none)
  • Do you want your recordings transcribed or translated? Bing! Evoca have that covered too.
  • Do you want to make money from your recordings? Ka ching! Evoca have an option to allow you charge for your recordings!
  • Do you want to blog/podcast your recordings? Bing! Evoca gives you the html with which to do that (see below).

Evoca is only out of beta a couple of weeks but already has loads of functionality covered. There’s a lot more I’d love to see it do – a blog sidebar plugin with the most recent 5 recordings, for example but for such a new application, I’m well impressed with what they have covered so far and am looking forward to see how Evoca develops.

Hold music interviewed and podcast!

I had a podcast interview lined up for today with David Hayden of Jeteye. He didn’t show, so I spent 17 minutes listening to the hold music on the conference call.

I had taken time to prepare for the interview and made room in my schedule today when he postponed last week hours before the interview was due to go ahead.

I tried to setup a Jeteye account so I could ask knowledgeable questions about the site but failed miserably to do so. I had some problems with the logon process.

In any case, getting bored listening to the hold music and having done all the preparation, I decided to go ahead and interview the hold music!

The result is here.

Digg’d (Dugg?) here.

Any questions for Thomas Hawk?

Thomas Hawk is an investment advisor in a non technology related field but it is not for that that he is known. Tom is far better known as a digital media and technology enthusiast – specifically, Tom is extremely well known for the photographs he uploads to Flickr. Tom posts several photos a day, all of professional quality. Last time I looked he had 5,599 photos uploaded. I thought I was doing well with my 200 photos! How he does that and keeps down a day-job is beyond me!

Now Tom has announced that he is going to work for zooomr. Zooomr? Zooomr is the new competitor to Flickr. It is pretty feature bare at the minute but Tom promises more features to come:

Zooomr is nowhere near where it needs to be today. Much of the best functionality is coming in version 2.0 due out early next month.

Tom also says that this does not end his relationship with Flickr – he will still be posting photos there.

I’m interviewing Tom this Friday evening for a PodLeaders podcast. We will be talking about the future of digital photography, digital media in general and anything else that may arise in the questions! If you have questions you’d like me to put to him, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll ask him.

Podcasting partnership

Ed Byrne sent me a mail a few days ago to let me know about an rft (request for tender) on the Irish Government’s procurement website Ed sent it to me because the rft is for a Podcasting Pilot for the East border region and Ed is aware of my significant involvement in Podcasting.

This does sound like an interesting proposal (and I note Paul in FirstPartners has also posted about this tender). However, I think it is beyond me alone (I’d need a partner to do this), if only to deal with the amount of paperwork required by government agencies.

Anyone interested in doing loads of paperwork while I swan around the country recording stuff?

Any questions for DL Byron?

D.L. Byron is an inventor, author, the Principal of Textura Design, now he is evangelizing Standards-based design.

An entrepreneur and an inventor, he also consults with clients, co-founded the Blog Business Summit, and publishes a network of successful blogs, including Boeing’s (one of the first business blogs).

I’m interviewing D.L. over Skype this week (day and time tbd) for a PodLeaders podcast. If you have questions you’d like me to put to him, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll ask him.

Congratulations Robert

Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s most prominent blogger is leaving Microsoft to join John Furrier’s

Robert himself has said that

I love Microsoft and Microsoft did not lose me — at least as a supporter and friend. I am not throwing away my Tablet PC or my Xbox or my other Microsoft stuff

So his departure appears not to have been acrimonious.

That he has decided to join should come as no big surprise. John Furrier, CEO of, has been growing the network at a phenomenal rate (including landing $5m of investor funding a couple of months back).

For Robert this will be a natural extension of the work he was doing already on Channel9 – video blogging. The difference this time is that instead of just video blogging what Microsoft’s teams are developing, he will now be video blogging whenever he comes across something interesting in Silicon Valley.

This is a huge loss for Microsoft but hopefully they have learned a lot from having Robert on board and they will continue to change for the better (they have a long way to go yet before they win back many people’s trust).

So congratulations Robert to you and Maryam. This is a big move for you both, and I wish you nothing but the best. You deserve no less.

Edited to correct the spelling of Silicon – thanks Eoghan for pointing that out

Almost interactive podcasts on Waxxi

I tried to join in on Waxxi’s interactive podcast of a discussion with Robert Scoble and Shel Israel today.

I signed up to join in the podcast very early on (long before Mike Arrington blogged about Waxxi). I received my email with instructions on the number to dial and I dialled the number at the appointed time.

I had my question ready and, as per instructed on the phone, I pressed the correct combination of keys to let the moderator know I had a question.

I waited to be called in with my question. And I waited. And I waited. Remember I was dialling international from Ireland.

I waited one hour and fifty minutes to see if I would be called in to ask my question (what can I say, I’m a bit slow on the uptake).

I heard other questions being asked from people who emailed in their questions or IM’d them in. I didn’t know who I could IM my question to (there was no mention of IM in the email instructions), so hearing that others were getting in ahead of me didn’t do much for my mood.

The podcast ended and I didn’t get to ask my question.

I realise that many people had signed up for this podcast but if this format is to be interactive, more interaction needs to happen between the guests on the show (Robert and Shel) and the people who have rung in. Reading out questions emailed or IM’d in is no more interactive than the podcasts I do at