PodLeaders listener survey

After producing over 40 PodLeaders episodes, I am curious to know who the listeners are. Also, I am investigating trying to monetise PodLeaders venture somewhat!

PodTrac is a company which connects podcasters to advertisers so I am trying to determine the PodLeaders audience profile to see if the site is suitable for advertising. Just look around this site and you’ll see I don’t go overboard with advertising. Nor will I on PodLeaders.

If you have a minute or two, and you do listen to my PodLeaders podcasts, please complete the listener survey.



4 thoughts on “PodLeaders listener survey”

  1. FYI the listner survery does not load from NetNewsWire,,
    I suspect it would from your site,, but wanted you to know. A bunk is avialable here in SFo Treasure Island. YES 5 thumbs up to your pj, and would like to hear more interviews as in the beginning.
    Richard Wilson

  2. Thanks for bringing this service to my attention Tom! I’ve signed up myself and will be publishing the link to my own survey later today.

    I’d have liked the opportunity to specify some questions of my own. For example, in my case, I want to know if my listeners are fluent Irish speakers or learners.

    I plan to publish some of the results of this survey as well as some of my web, feed and download stats shortly. Will you be doing the same?

  3. Hmmm – they said they would take a couple of months to generate a meaningful report from the download stats, but I thought you’d get some survey results sooner.

    The survey I opened yesterday reports Status: [0] responses as of Aug 16, 2006.
    Looks like it may not update that counter very often! 🙂

    It looks like an excellent idea, though. Not only do they propose to help you gather the stats, they say they will present them for you as well, and generate a media kit from the data you supply and they collect. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

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