enable in-browser video recording

I have mentioned previously but I didn’t mention their in-browser video recorder.

Today I decided to try it out and I have to say, apart from a few minor quibbles, I am well impressed. Especially since this function is still in Alpha.'s browser based video recorder

What quibbles did I have? Well

  • The counter counting off the time on-screen isn’t very accurate. On my first try, I finished after what the counter told me was 30 secs only to find that the recorded video was 99 seconds!
  • There is no pause button – a pause button is very handy in any recording medium and this is no different. It needs one.
  • The file sizes generated seem inordinately large (one minute 29 seconds – 324mb)
  • I failed to get the video to upload to the site! I had to upload it using UpperBlip (’s free upload tool) and most disturbingly
  • You can now see how far my hairline has receeded!

As I said, this functionality is still in alpha but it is indicative of the great spirit of innovation at I recently published an interview with Mike Hudack, the CEO of, and you can tell from that interview that are going places.

[Non-disclosure] – I have absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with, I just happen to think they are cool!

3 thoughts on “ enable in-browser video recording”

  1. Out of curiosity are they using Flash to capture the webcam?

    Funnily I couldn’t even consider making a movie of myself, but it appears that video blogging is really catching on judging by the volume of content going up all the time.

    I reckon that anyone in this space is going to do very well (if, of course, they suceed in monetising the space well), and as we all move toward a more content rich internet video is certainly going to be one of the major drivers.

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