Any questions for Jeff Nolan?

Jeff Nolan is a former executive at SAP (Jeff led the Apollo Strategy Group for SAP – aka the Oracle Attack group) and recently joined a silicon valley startup called Teqlo.

I will be interviewing Jeff tomorrow for the IT@Cork pre-conference podcast series.

If you have any questions you would like me to put to him, feel free to leave them in the comments.

UPDATE – this interview has been postponed until Tuesday Oct. 10th so you still have time to get your questions in!

3 thoughts on “Any questions for Jeff Nolan?”

  1. First off long time subscriber and fan – keep it up!

    Been waiting for weeks to find out where he’s going, so my first question would be “Assemble your teqlo here at” and that would be?

  2. Sorry, originally posted this in the other story about Teqlo by mistake.


    Are there any current web 2.0 companies out there who currently target the general consumer that Jeff thinks could re-direct towards the enterprise or may in fact be more suited to the enterprise?

    For example, one of the tensions within PubSub before it shut down was that some in the company wanted to keep in the consumer space whilst others thought that better opportunities lay with the enterprise.

  3. How does Jeff guage the success of the Oracle Attack Group over the time he was leading it given that it’s not in SAPs DNA to counter attack Oracle’s outrageous claims?

    What would he advise other companies facing this kind of threat?

    How far does he believe services will permetate the enterprise?

    Is SaaS just an SMB play or does he see mileage for it further up the food chain?

    Just how hard was it to leave the bosom of SAP after 10 years?

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