JUploadr – free photo uploading app

Previously I wrote about how easy uploading photos to Flickr is using Flock.

Since then Thomas Hawk turned me on to Steve Cohen’s cross-platform, open source photo uploader JUploadr.

Why do I like it?

  • Well, it is GPL’d for a start.
  • Cross-platform
  • It allows me to upload photos to my accounts on Flickr and Zooomr
  • It allows batch editing and uploading
  • I can tag my pictures and
  • I can upload directly into my Flickr Sets

Why JUploadr isn’t on Flickr’s Tools page is beyond me. It beats the tools there and it is free (unlike the iPhoto plugin linked to there).

7 thoughts on “JUploadr – free photo uploading app”

  1. Tom,

    have you ever looked at using gallery remote ? or does that not connect to flickr ?

  2. have you ever looked at using gallery remote ? or does that not connect to flickr ?

    Frankly I hadn’t heard of it before but having looked at its website I’m not confident it would connect to Flickr. It seems to be designed to upload to Gallery, a photo hosting app.

  3. How do you use JUploadr with Zoomr?
    I just can´t find how to use it with Zoomr, only with Flickr.

    Great blog!!

  4. TinyRO,

    thanks for the kind comment.

    To use JUpLoadr with Zooomr you first need to authorise JUploadr with Zooomr and then under the Edit menu, choose the Upload To option.


  5. From what I’ve been reading on the jUploadr website, version 1.1 (the one that will be compatible with both services) has not been released yet…but is coming out “real soon now.” It sounds like you may have an advance release, because version 1.0 does not have the options you mention.

    Or if you have a link to the version you use, please post for the rest of us! =D

    :: Lisa
    :: adora [at] techslut [.] net

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