Zooomr 2.0 launches

Photo-sharing site Zooomr re-launched its site with a new version (2.0) in the last couple of days.

Zooomr screen shot
Zooomr screen shot
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The launch of the new version of the site was delayed by a DOS attack on the servers but Zooomr seem to have put that behind them quite successfully now. The main differences I see in this version of the site are a re-write of the Geotagging process which makes geotagging your photos even easier through Zooomr.

I haven’t tried the Zooomrtations (audio annotating of photos) so I can’t say if this has changed in any way in this release. Very little else has changed radically with version 2.0 (that I can see). In terms of photo sharing I still prefer Flickr’s ability to share your photos with groups. Still the Geotagging in Zooomr is kinda cool and Zooomr are offering pro accounts to bloggers for the moment so you may want to try it out.

5 thoughts on “Zooomr 2.0 launches”

  1. It just struck me that Zoomr should be a layer on top of flickr. It should work off of your flickr stream and provide extra metadata, not be a replacement store.

  2. Geotagging is very cool. I can’t wait til every camera has GPS built in. How cool would it be to see all the shots taken at a location over time?

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  4. Thanks for blogging this Tom. We also implemented sets and SmartSets into Zooomr2, speed, performance and design ehancements and hope to continue to innovate down the road.

    We should have groups for you to share you photos into as an upcoming feature.

    Thanks again for checking it out and for the feedback.


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