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Congrats Jeff

I was delighted to see Jeff Nolan has started to work for NewsGator.

Jeff, who has previously worked for Teqlo and SAP was one of the best speakers we had at the it@cork annual conference last year.

NewsGator, the company he is joining, are the leading RSS client company, powering FeedDemon and NetNewsWire as well as NewsGator. I have used and evangelised NetNewsWire (RSS Reader for Mac) for years until my recent conversion to Google Reader.

To paraphrase Jackie:
Jeff, well done on finding an interesting company to work for. As someone who hasn’t found that yet (hence the continued consultant status), I can imagine how much that means to you.

Delighted for you.

Embedding Google Calendars


I’ve just noticed that it is possible to embed Google Calendars in a blog post or website!

This is going to be very useful for events like the it@cork conference, or multi-week events like the blog training course I delivered a few months back.

I’m sure there are lots of other applications. What would you use it for?

Marcio Galli's talk in Cork

Mozilla's Marcio Galli speaking at it@cork

Fair dues to Damien Mulley and it@cork for putting on a great Firefox event last night.

Marcio Galli is a Consulting Software Developer at Mozilla Foundation based in Brazil. He gave a fascinating talk entitled “Talk: Read, Write, and Recycle the Web with FireFox 3“.

Watch the it@cork blog for a detailed review of the talk later today.

UPDATE – Mark Crowley’s detailed review of the talk is now up on the it@cork blog.

Blog training course discussion area

Paul O’Mahony is one of the people sitting in on the Blog Training Course I am running for it@cork. Paul has been blogging for a while now and I first met him at the Irish Blog Awards earlier this year.

Paul made a suggestion in the comments on his own blog that I put up:

something up on your blog about the course, so that people on the course can have a place where they could comment. I’m thinking that I may not be the only person on the course who would like to keep track of how I’m getting on with loading RSS for example. If there was one central place where we could put reports on progress, we could thereby learn from each other. I don’t mean set you up in a Q&A situation – that would be outside the remit of the course – but give everyone an opportunity to experience social networking

Initially I thought a wiki might be more suitable for this purpose but as this is a blog training course, let’s do it through the comments of this post. So, as Paul suggests, if you are on the course and want to share thoughts, suggestions, criticisms, whatever about the course, use the comments of this post to do so.

Cork – the ideal location for your IT business?

it@cork has published the results of its member survey. 165 members completed the survey giving a detailed insight into the how I.T. is faring in Cork.

The main points are:

  • 70% of respondents indicated that their businesses achieve average-to-excellent value from recently qualified IT graduates
  • 30% of respondents indicated that their organisations had openings for IT graduates currently and
  • in excess of 80% of respondents do not consider IT staff turnover to be a problematical issue for their organisations

Despite the doom and gloom headlines around the likes of Motorola’s pull-out, it seems the IT industry in Cork is very healthy.

Employers are getting good value from their IT graduate employees. Many have openings for more. Not only that but employee churn in the IT sector is not a significant problem for companies in Cork.

From these results, it would seem that Cork is an ideal location for an IT business. The only cautionary note is that

94% believed that the low levels of applications for places on third level IT courses, evident in recent years, could have a negative impact on their ability to build upon the success achieved to date.

Blog training course

it@cork are running another Blog Training course commencing on Wednesday May 9th.

I will be giving the training and it is open to members of it@cork for a charge of €50 and to non-members for a charge of €100.

The course will be run over 5 consecutive weeks on Wednesday mornings at 09:30 for an hour each morning.

The course has been sponsored by Microsoft Ireland on the condition that we record the training and subsequently podcast it (!) and that we don’t slag off Microsoft too much!!! I think we can live with those conditions, thanks Microsoft.

If you are interested in participating, you can sign up for the course on the it@cork blog training page (look for the Register link) or call it@cork on 230 7011.

ASP.Net AJAX seminar in Cork

it@cork are running a half day seminar on ASP.Net AJAX on Friday March 23rd. ASP.NET AJAX is Microsoft’s free framework for creating Web 2.0 sites which are cross-browser compatible (cross-browser, yes, from Microsoft!).

Speakers include author Jeff Prosise, Yagiz Erkan from DeCare and Rob Burke from Microsoft Ireland.

Sign up for the event is on the it@cork website

[Disclaimer – I am on the steering committee of it@cork]

Salim joins Yahoo!

I see Salim reporting that he has started a new job with Yahoo! Congrats Salim.

Salim has been hired to head up Yahoo! Brickhouse – a new semi-autonomous Yahoo! R&D house which will create new apps for Yahoo! or to be spun off. Yahoo! Pipes was a Yahoo! Brickhouse project, for example.

Salim has been here in Cork several times, most recently speaking at a number of it@cork events (including the now infamous it@cork Web 2.0 mini-conference) and before that Salim lived in Cork for a year or so while he was involved in setting up BUPA Ireland in Fermoy.

I can’t wait to see what he does with the Brickhouse – an interesting project, led by an even more interesting guy.

Podcasting for business event

it@cork are running an evening event on Podcasting for your Business this coming Tuesday evening (27th February).

Brian Greene and Conn O’Muineachain, the two guest speakers addressing the event are two of Ireland’s top podcasters having won the Netvisionaries Podcasting award last year and the Digital Media Awards Grand Prix award this year respectively!

Conn will be discussing Podcasting for internal company communications (training, best practice, recognition, etc.) while Brian will focus on how easy podcasting is to do, and how the public facing parts of corporate Ireland should be looking at it.

I’ll be chairing the event and moderating the q&a.

The event is free to it@cork member companies and €20 to non-members. This is a great opportunity to meet two of Ireland’s foremost podcasters, I strongly recommend going along, even if you are only wondering what all this podcasting stuff is all about anyway!

[Disclaimer – I am on the steering committee of it@cork]