Embedding Google Calendars


I’ve just noticed that it is possible to embed Google Calendars in a blog post or website!


This is going to be very useful for events like the it@cork conference, or multi-week events like the blog training course I delivered a few months back.

I’m sure there are lots of other applications. What would you use it for?

6 thoughts on “Embedding Google Calendars”

  1. I imagine that using the Google SMS remindering service with this would be very useful. If you could send out personalised alerts, even just “IT Cork Event: 9.00” one hour before, I am sure you’d see some positive response. And it would be free!

  2. good to see this, there also the option to do this for googlemaps. The only one that would help me now is to have the ability to do the same for google docs, i.e. their spreadsheet SW would be great.


  3. Currently I am logged in to my GMail account. So when I view that calender am I viewing the calender from my account, or one that you’ve set up?

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