it@cork conference program announced

As Chair of the organising committee for this year’s it@cork Technology in Business Conference, I’m delighted to announce that the program has been announced and registrations are now open.

The conference is on the 28th of November in the Radisson, Little Island. This year’s theme is Connect and Innovate and we have a spectacular line-up of speakers including

  • Hans Rosling, who’s presentation at the Le Web conference last year was the best I have ever attended, bar none
  • Graham Whitehead (the renowned futurologist who works for BT Exact, the research arm of BT), and
  • Anthony Williams, co-author of the award winning, bestselling business book Wikinomics.

Early registrants will have their name entered into a draw for free copies of Wikinomics.

3 thoughts on “it@cork conference program announced”

  1. For a heavily sponsored gig like this, is €400 for one day reasonable? There’s going to be a certain element of pitching involved (Microsoft talking about trends in software anyone?), so I would have expected it something people could decide not to attend for a full day.

    Compare this to for example, which is €210 for three days.

  2. @Langer Dan – it@cork is a not-for-profit organisation. The annual conference is the one event in the calendar year which generates a significant income and money made from the conference is used to fund the activities of it@cork for the rest of the year.

    Pricing the conference is always a balancing act between offering value for money and continually growing the level of activity of it@cork.

    The line-up this year is world-class and if you attend any it@cork events you will be aware that shilling for your company is not tolerated (as last year’s Microsoft speaker discovered).

  3. it@cork ran a half day Java Conference 2 weeks ago for just €30pp.
    The Technology in Business Conference is a completly different style event, which costs €300 for it@cork members.
    Our members attend in their droves as they see the value of it and the other 20 free events we run every every year.

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