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52mb broadband for

Damien posted the following table of international broadband data from the ITU

International broadband comparisons

Notice Japan has 50mb broadband for less than $32 per month?

According to Damien the comparable Irish figures are:

eircom broadband business plus – 4MB – €107.69 inc vat
eircom broadband business enhanced – 5MB – €204 inc vat

Digiweb Metro Plus – 5MB – €78.65
Digiweb Metro Xpress – 8Mb – €163.35

The Irish minister for communications broadband suppression should be shot or at least fired for gross incompetence.

Is Ireland finally going to get (expensive) broadband?

Piaras dropped me a note today to let me know that Magnet Networks are rolling out fast broadband in Ireland – I have written previously about the shocking state of broadband in Ireland.

Now Magnet are going to offer:

24MB service – €240.00 incl VAT (250 GB download cap)
10 MB – €149.00 incl VAT (150GB download cap)
4MB – €63.99 incl VAT (100GB download cap)
2MB – €39.99 incl VAT (25GB download cap)

All the offers incl the usual line rental free

Now, all this seems a tad pricey – especially since BE are offering 24mb broadband in the UK for £24 per month – however, previous to this offer, the best broadband offer in Ireland was Digiweb’s 6MB offer at €301.29 incl VAT afaik.

Ok, now we are about to have the speed – who’s going to start a price war and get the prices down to something realistic?

I see Damien has written this up too.

Online Ajax Word Processors compared

I have written recently about Web 2.0, and Ajax applications – well another one has appeared today, WriteBoard.

Writeboard is an Ajax driven online Word Processor – similar to Writely – one of the other Ajax applications I mentioned last week.

There are a couple of differences and similarities between Writely and Writeboard which are worth noting – firstly both systems allow for online collaboration – i.e. you invite others via email to contribute to the document, both allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds for the document and both allow for basic text formatting but that’s about all they have in common.

In terms of differences, Writely has a nice WYSIWYG text formatting interface whereas Writeboard requires you to enter codes before and after text to format it (i.e. surround text with “*” to make it bold and “_” for italics!). Writely usefully allows you to associate Tags with your document and to save your documents as a Word Doc. or as a Zip file!

All in all, Writeboard is extremely sparse on functionality and has a lot of catching up to do before it becomes as cool an Ajax application as Writely.

Via Brian Benzinger

What exactly is Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a term which is being used more and more these days but what exactly is it? It seems to be kinda like beauty, in that it is “in the eye of the beholder” – i.e. its definition depends on who you ask.

Obviously it refers to some kind of next version of the web but how is it different and how do I access it? Well the good news is, you don’t have to do anything different to access it, in fact, just by reading this you are using it. Blogs are perceived to be part of Web 2.0!

Om Malik wrote yesterday that Web 2.0 is

a collection of technologies – be it VoIP, Digital Media, XML, RSS, Google Maps… whatever …. that leverage the power of always on, high speed connections and treat broadband as a platform, and not just a pipe to connect

This seems to me to be an overly general interpretation.

I prefer the Wikipedia definition:

Web 2.0 is a term often applied to a perceived ongoing transition of the World Wide Web from a collection of websites to a full-fledged computing platform serving web applications, like Gmail, to end users. The proponents of this thinking expect that ultimately Web 2.0 services will replace desktop computing applications for many purposes.

I was reminded of this definition this morning when I read on Slashdot that there is an

AJAX word processor, AJAX spreadsheet, AJAX calendar, AJAX presentation-building software, AJAX e-mail client, AJAX note-taking software and some other interesting applications, which, deployed on your local server, do not need installation and “just work” in a browser window?

Browser based Office applications? I love it! No installation, zero administration, and minimal training? This has to be an IT Manager’s Nirvana!

Web 2.0 whatever you are, I love you!

I see Tim O’Reilly wrote an interesting article on this topic too.

Rip-off broadband

Jeez are we being screwed for pricing of broadband in this country, or what?

I’m currently looking around at the best offerings for dsl broadband and the offers are around 40 euro for 2mb broadband – while in the UK, BE are offering 24mb broadband for £24 per month! £24 is roughly equal to 36 euro.

So, in our nearest neighbouring country, consumers can get broadband at 12 times the speed we get here for less than we are charged here? How is that possible?

Plus they get an upload speed of 1.3mb – roughly 10 times what most Irish providers are offering.

Well, at least the Irish ISPs will respect me in the morning!

Broadband in Rushbrook

I am moving into a new house in a couple of weeks in Rushbrook, Co. Cork and I need to get a broadband connection there (with a static ip preferably) and at least 2mb down.

I haven’t been following the state of Irish broadband providers for a while now since I got my own connection a couple of years back from UTV.

The house has an Eircom landline.

Anyone got any recommendations on a good (i.e. reliable) provider who won’t fleece me on cost?

I checked the Smart Telecom website and my new house doesn’t qualify for their offer, so it looks like the eircom broadband business starter offer is the one I will be going for – it is 2mb down /128kb up, 35 euro per month (ex vat) and 8.26 euro setup. It seems to be the cheapest of the 2mb options I could find.