100mb broadband for €25 per month

I wrote a post not so long ago about the state of broadband worldwide and how poorly served we are in Ireland. I showed a table of broadband speeds and prices worldwide – based on the table the average broadband speed was 18mb for 44 US$ per month.

However, Lupan, a Japanese reader commented on the post correcting the figure for Japan. His broadband is 100mb for the equivalent of €25 per month!

Incredible, my own connection is 3mb for €50 per month and that’s good compared to many in Ireland.

If i lived in Japan I could get 33 times the speed for half the price I pay in Ireland.


Noel Dempsey, our minister for broadband suppression should take up thumb twiddling or some other pastime equally suited to his (in)abilities.

3 thoughts on “100mb broadband for €25 per month”

  1. Wow, 100MB divided by 8 is a download speed of 12.5 megabytes per second! A full DVD of 4.7GB in 7 minutes, unbelievable.

  2. I don’t live in Ireland, but am always at my family to get broadband. Three are finally showing interest. The Register shows that ireland is playing some sort of catch up. But it also points out that

    five per cent of exchanges in Ireland are fully broadband enabled (Local Loop Unbundling) compared to an EU15 average of around 20 per cent

    . That makes Eircom and Noel Dempsey slackers. They do know the economic argument don’t they?

  3. I live in South Africa and our fastest connection is 1MB and it costs around R1000 a month with a 3GB cap that is equivalent to about €102 a month! I wish we had the prices you guys are speaking about…

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