Rip-off broadband

Jeez are we being screwed for pricing of broadband in this country, or what?

I’m currently looking around at the best offerings for dsl broadband and the offers are around 40 euro for 2mb broadband – while in the UK, BE are offering 24mb broadband for £24 per month! £24 is roughly equal to 36 euro.

So, in our nearest neighbouring country, consumers can get broadband at 12 times the speed we get here for less than we are charged here? How is that possible?

Plus they get an upload speed of 1.3mb – roughly 10 times what most Irish providers are offering.

Well, at least the Irish ISPs will respect me in the morning!

14 thoughts on “Rip-off broadband”

  1. Don’t forget to just get broadband you still have to pay line rental of €24.17 a month ( EU average is €18) unless you get wireless or cable. 90% get broadband over a phoneline though.

  2. No argument from me on that score Anthony!

    Damien – who would you recommend I use for my broadband given I want 2mb, static ip and I have an Eircom landline (oh, and Smart don’t do Cobh)?

  3. BT. I think you can get a static off them. Netsource are meant to be good too. BT has lots of issues with their billing system but one or two emails to the right people can have that sorted, if you experience an issue that is. Most people don’t.

    I think BT are the best value at the moment in terms of price and download CAP.

  4. Don’t know if wireless is an option for you but have a look at

    They provide static ip wireless broadband. The u/l & d/l speeds are equal ideal for local hosting. Understandably, the pricings may be a little steep however combining personal uses & hosting site locally can offset the costs. Advice: watch out for robots/crawlers increasing u/l traffics.

    According to a friend in Monkstown (across the water from your new home) has trouble-free service since initial couple of outages.

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  6. It would be nice if TESCO’s offered broadband? lmfao

    i’d much rather if it were Lydl, those Germans a very reliable

  7. No argument from me on that score Anthony!

    I think BT are the best value at the moment in terms of price and download CAP.

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