Noel Dempsey – Ireland's minister for broadband suppression

This is the face in incompetence in Ireland. This is the face of Ireland’s Minister for broadband suppression.

Ireland's minister for broadband suppression

This is the face of the minister of communications in Ireland who has presided over Ireland’s languishing:

14th in the EU15 for broadband penetration. That’s the same place we were in 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 etc. etc.

Congratulations minister. Under-achievers everywhere bow down before you in awe.

[Update] – Just came across this great site about the minister.

One thought on “Noel Dempsey – Ireland's minister for broadband suppression”

  1. The WHOIS data lists me as the owner of that site now, however that only changed last week when I updated my domain ownership information across the board.

    For the previous 18 months the domain was /intentionally/ listed as owned by Narrowband Noel and his department, and unlocked. They could have /legitimately/ taken control of it at any time, and no-one in the Department of Communications – Ireland’s networking strategy department – had the brains to do so.

    Says it all really.

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