In Spain at the minute

I’m in Spain at the moment. I flew over here on Sunday for my brother-in-law’s wedding. All good.

However, this has been a nightmare journey. I woke up on Sunday morning with a temperature of 38.8C. And Tomás, our four year old, had a temp of 38. We managed to get the kids and bags ready and arrived at the airport on time only to have our flight to Spain delayed by four hours.

We arrived at our hotel in Malaga (after deciding to overnight there) at 2:30am.

I drove to Seville the following (Monday) morning. I still had a high temperature and collapsed on the hotel bed when we arrived and awoke 3 hours later. I saw a doctor later in the day and he told me I had a bad lung infection and was heading for pnuemonia. I am now on antibiotics and getting better but still haven’t eaten since Saturday lunch!

To cap it all, Pilar and Enrique are now sick as well (Enrique’s temp was 39.9 last night) and there is no wifi in the hotel room so I am getting online extremely intermittently.

Still, the weather here is beautiful. I looked out the hotel window last night and one of the street signs which also gives the temperature was reading 17C. At 8pm. In January. Hard to beat that!

9 thoughts on “In Spain at the minute”

  1. Welcome to Spain!
    I´m from cadiz..very near to Sevilla o Malaga
    The weather is awesome…in beach all day 😉

    I hope Tomás is ok now

  2. Hi Tom ,i would be great if u put pictures bro…wanted to see SPAIN and to go there but it seems that is not going to happen now…plz bro can u put some pictures 😉

  3. Last time I visited Spain, two years ago, I traveled to Seville and got a haircut. Why? I wanted to come home and say the I saw the Barber of Seville. Honest. (It was a pretty nice cut.)

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