Shai Agassi's Better Place project explained

In my post about the DLD conference yesterday I showed the video of Shai Agassi’s presentation because I thought it was an amazingly good idea, well explained.

However, when I checked out Shai’s blog I found the following video of kids doing a far better job getting Shai’s idea across (sorry Shai!).

It is a three minute video. Watch it. You’ll be glad you did!

Then head over to Project Better Place, check it out and get involved.

7 thoughts on “Shai Agassi's Better Place project explained”

  1. Yes!

    El cars are a big step towards sustainable lifestyle needed to save this planet. The faster we change the transportation system the better. This video make these things visible clearly.

  2. @Mark Harrison – honestly, I have no idea. You would hope not. Then again, as explained so clearly in the video, there is nothing new about the idea of swappable rechargeable batteries so it should be hard to patent.

  3. Electric cars are the way to go, however, today’s batteries are still so large that the car and battery must be designed hand-in-glove to compete with ICE cars. Swappable batteries based on current technology demand too much of a compromise in vehicle design to be viable.

    Second problem: battery packs are too costly; A Better Place will have to provide their packs via a subscription service and then will have to de-rate the packs to insure they can deliver on their service (few will want to drive on the old, worn out packs). Another compromise that seems to big to survive.

    If A Better Place simple provides 100 amp, 480 volt outlets (aka EV refueling “pumps”) at every service station, that will suffice; A123 packs can already recharge faster than most houses can deliver juice!

  4. This video is great, really makes things easy to see. We definately need electric cars, they are definately the future….clean energy is what we need.

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