Enrique is recovering

Phew – it has been a long day.

I relieved Pilar this morning and took over looking after Enrique in the hospital. He was very distressed for most of the day. The nurses in the hospital (The Bons Secours hospital, Cork), were fantastic and very attentive.

Towards the late afternoon, though he started to brighten up. His blood oxygen levels started to come back up and he even gave one or two smiles!

Pilar returned to take over the night shift and I spoke to her a few minutes ago and she said he is now asleep. That n itself is an improvement ‘cos he was unable to sleep last night or today for any more than a few minutes.

Hopefully he is coming out of it and we’ll have him home again sometime soon.

7 thoughts on “Enrique is recovering”

  1. A sick child in hospital is one of those scary things I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

    When our eldest overheated and seized and we ended up in Crumlin for a few days, we were petrified.

    I’m thrilled to hear Enrique is recovering and let’s hope he never sees the Bons again!

  2. God bless your Dad and keep lonliness from him and God bless and heal little Enrique.
    I was referred to your site by Pat Phelan only this afternoon but promise to return. Apparently I’m in that group that is growing on the internet i.e. a silver surfer at nearly 67……but is still wondering what I’m going to be when I grow up!

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