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We held our Open Day in CIX a couple of weeks back. We invited local businesses to come in and have a look at the data centre infrastructure before we closed up all the ducts and hazardous areas.

We also invited to come along and film the event. They did and they published the interview they did with Adam and I the other day.

The Open day was the day after the it@cork conference so I was quite tired. Watching the video now I realise I messed up on some of the figures! Typical data centres operate at 30% energy efficiency (not 70% like I said in the video) and CIX is rated to operate at 80% energy efficiency due to the innovative technologies we outlined in this interview.

3 thoughts on “CIX on”

  1. Superb presentation Tom! …. Even with the minor boo boo 🙂

    I must pass on this info to the IT Dept in our company – might be of interest to them …

    Well done ! (And where do investors sign up ??!! 😀 )


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