Firefox 3.0b2 released

I started using Firefox 3.0b1 a few weeks back as my primary browser (in general it is not advisable to use beta software on a production machine). In that time it has been incredibly stable and not at all resource hungry.

This morning I noticed that Firefox 3.0b2 was released yesterday. I took a quick look over the release notes, then I went to the download page, grabbed a copy and installed it.

It is running really smoothly and apart from the lack of add-ons, I’m loving it. The Proto Theme does work and makes Firefox 3 look even better.

7 thoughts on “Firefox 3.0b2 released”

  1. The release notes say it fixes over 330 memory leak issues! I knew it had memory management problems, but that’s pretty poor for an application of Firefox’s age. I frequently had to force-quit after it grew to > 1 GB of memory.

  2. Eoghan, those release notes are for the beta and are not specific to beta 2 afaik. Beta 1 was very good on memory management in my experience with it.

    I know they are calling it beta but from what I can see, it is at least as stable as FF 2.0

  3. Cheers for the recommendation Tom, my Firefox 2.x runs so badly I decided beta software couldn’t be worse!!

    Happy so far, don’t have the Google Toolbar which is irritating but besides that it looks good!

  4. exactly sergi.. i too wish to have google toolbar. Lets hope google look at this n provide support for 3.ob2

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