YouTube to serve hi-def from their website

I see Rafe Needleman is reporting that YouTube are going to start streaming video in hi-def imminently.

According to Needleman:

YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, speaking at the NewTeeVee Live conference today, confirmed that high-quality YouTube video streams are coming soon…. the service is testing a player that detects the speed of the viewer’s Net connection and serves up higher-quality video if they want it.

Chen also confirmed that YouTube stores the native quality of the originally uploaded video – this is no surprise to iPhone or iPod Touch owners who have a hi-def YouTube service already.

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  1. Well right now uses about 200 terabytes of data every day. It comes to about $1,000,000 a month for bandwidth. Talk about alot of money. For all of 2006 made $15,000,000. That only comes out to about $3,000,000 in profit. That Sucks.

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