Google launch video ads (kinda)

Good friend Marshall Kirkpatrick broke the news yesterday that Google were going to start offering video ads to people publishing ads using Google’s Adsense program. I use Adsense to publish the few ads that are on this site.

Adsense video ads

The official announcement on the Adsense blog contains a non-functioning video (not a good start) and the following caveats:

Video units will be live in AdSense accounts later today (10/9). Currently this feature is open only to publishers located in the United States with English-language websites.

How well this works will depend very much on the targeting, I suspect. Video ads for cool new gadgets would do far better on this site than video ads for, say, Shiseido’s latest age re-perfect, vitamin enhanced, moisturiser.

I’ll have to consider, if I roll this out, where to place it in the page’s design.

One thought on “Google launch video ads (kinda)”

  1. You know, the nonfunctioning player was posted long after I put my coverage up and I never did see it before now! Too funny. I agree that placement of the ad unit is going to be easier said than done. Having worked for a video widget company in my previous gig, I know that persistent video players are particularly difficult for bloggers to place on a page. Hmm….

    Hope you’re well bud, keep in touch and good luck.

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