Buffalo TeraStation 2tb Home server review

I bought a Buffalo TeraStation 2TB NAS box the other day. It arrived today – Wohoo!

Buffalo TeraStation 2TB NAS up and running

The NAS box has 4 x 500mb drives in an external box (see above). The box has an ethernet port at the back allowing it to be plugged into the router and accessed across my entire home network.

The 4 x 500mb drives come pre-configured as RAID 5 (giving approx 3 x 500gb usable space) but it can also be configured as RAID 0 or RAID 1 through a simple web interface.

1.36 TB Available!

Check out the bottom of the window above – 1.36TB Available!

I’m now busily copying my music, video and photo collections onto it so I can free up that space on my laptop.

Copying iTunes onto TeraStation

The drive is refreshingly quiet, has a simple web-based configuration tool and took all of about 10 minutes from unpacking to mounted on my Mac desktop!

Thanks Branedy for the recommendation – hopefully this will work better than the Western Digital MyBook I bought a while back which was a DOA!

7 thoughts on “Buffalo TeraStation 2tb Home server review”

  1. How much Tom? I have a 1TB (2x500GB’s) drive in RAID1 plugged into an airport extreme router at the moment serving my needs but when it’s not hugely well suited to the job. Was thinking of replacing it with a netgear readynas and discreetly running some ethernet cables around the house. We’ve got a terastation pro here at work that’s performed wonderfully on gigabit ethernet. Will be interested to see how you get on with it long term

  2. Ryan, I bought it from dabs.ie for just over €1,000 incl. vat and delivery.

    So far I am very impresed with it I have to say.

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