Senior telecoms architect for hire

I don’t normally do this kind of thing but I am making an exception in this case.

My brother-in-law has recently started looking for a new job. He’s an extremely high-powered telecoms guy, currently based in the US.

From his cv, his career highlights include:

  • Management of telecom technology development, deployment and operations teams with up to 50+ staff and cost centers with yearly budgets of up to $40M
  • Successfully managed development & deployment of 30+ products & technologies
  • Worked in both vendor & operator environments, with both startup & growth organizations
  • Combined SS7 signaling networks of three ATT divisions, saving 10’s of millions of dollars

his professional experience includes roles such as:

  • Director of Architecture, Design and Planning – Managed Services Division
  • Senior Director and Chief Architect of Multi Media Division and
  • Sr. Dir. of Network Technology Development and Architecture

and accomplishments include:

  • Direct the design, planning and life cycle management aspects of the hosted and managed services from multiple Geo diverse Data Centers
  • Managed two directors and a team of senior architects. Led the overall technology architecture & QE activities for the wireless data, messaging & enhanced voice services for the consumer & enterprise segments and
  • Directed several Sr. managers and was instrumental in the formation of the Multimedia division. Led software development, testing and deployment of the J2EE based mMode / wireless portal and related data, messaging and location based applications

So, if you know anyone who could benefit from talking to my brother-in-law, drop me a mail at and I can arrange an intro.

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