Google Facebook offline?

Facebook apps are the hot thing at the minute. Everyone who has any kind of a Web 2.0 site has either created one or is in the process of.

When I saw this morning that Google were after creating a Facebook app, I was quite curious. According to the article:

Google made a lovely app for Facebook that lets you search the web and share the results with your friends. Your queries are automatically included in Facebook’s mini-feed, so your web history can be shared with your friends. There’s also a page that showcases popular results found by other Facebook users.

Interesting (and potentially dangerous!) – unfortunately when I clicked on the link I was presented with the following screen:
Google Facebook app offline

Anyone know what’s going on there?

2 thoughts on “Google Facebook offline?”

  1. Seriously, there are just too many apps for facebook! I’ve literally only got the essentially installed where as some have so many you spend 5 minutes scrolling down the page! Then of course you get the app errors and inability to load which further frustrates… as for the Google app… lets wait and see.

  2. As someone who is currently engaged in Facebook application development, it’s encouraging to see that Google suffer from the same problems as the rest of us.

    The platform is not very reliable and what’s worse it doesn’t currently produce very helpful error messages either to the user or the application owner. The stats it keeps are getting better, but there’s a long way to go. I hope Facebook are listening to the application development community and improvements are on the way.

    I shall be bookmarking this blog to show to clients when they complain about my apps not working!

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