Information Cards now working on (sort of!)

Interesting, I noticed today that you can now log into Windows Live sites (and all sites which accept Live ID credentials ) using an Information Card. This is in Beta currently.

Information Card on Windows Live

This could be a major step forward in federated identity. However, it only works on IE7 with .NET Framework 3.0 for now – hopefully that bug will be fixed soon.

via Chris

2 thoughts on “Information Cards now working on (sort of!)”

  1. Bug? Bug? I’m sorry, have you ever used Microsoft software before?

    Microsoft has an apparent long-standing policy of only supporting new technologies, services and devices on their newest platforms. This forces adoption of said platforms. They’re also generally unwilling to support their competitors.

    In this instance it hardly matters; no-one really uses MSN, et al. any more.

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