Firefox's marketshare now 27.8% in Europe?

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Damien asks us what our site stats for Firefox are after reading the results of a survey by XiTi monitor which shows Firefox having 38.6% marketshare in Ireland.

You can read more about the survey and it’s findings on

A study of nearly 96,000 websites carried out during the week of July 2 to July 8 found that FF had 27.8% market share across Eastern and Western Europe

With regard to Damien’s question: For Google Analytics puts Firefox at 39.54% for the month of June – that’s for all traffic not just European traffic (Northern Europe accounts for 50.48% of that traffic with Ireland accounting for 18.59%).

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  1. That’s a pretty specialised audience though. Our figures (for a HE careers service running at about 50k visits a month come to:

    1. Internet Explorer 75.81%
    2. Firefox 18.68%
    3. Safari 4.02%

    (Mac visits run at about 5% by the way)

    I suspect 22-25% alternative browsers is more typical.

  2. Here’s a different kind of specialised audience 😉 – Irish language blog

    Firefox 33%
    IE7 27%
    IE6 23%
    Mozilla 1.X 11%
    Safari 5%
    Nokia 3.X 1%

    … according to sitemeter

  3. I’ve also noticed months where Firefox suddenly storms ahead – I haven’t dug into it much but I think it’s as a result of being found by people using certain toolbar extensions which might be popular on Firefox… not certain though.

  4. You can’t measure a browser’s market share using Web site analytics. This is especially true when you choose a blog. This is even more true when talking about blogs which attract a technical audience. Firefox is mostly used by the tech community. Worldwide, the market share is between 10% and 12%. Germany is unusually high.

    This however is kinda cool given that Mozilla is already a $300m company with a great market share after just two and a half years!

    Here’s an interesting one for you, my friend runs a company which builds all the mainstream Firefox browsers on behalf of Mozilla (PayPal, Google, Yahoo!, eBay, Segala ). His Web site has a dynamic feed which shows the number of downloads.

  5. Apologies for the SPAM. I stand corrected. I followed a few links and ended up on Damien’s post where I then followed through to the Mozilla Web site with lots of eye opening stats! Wow.

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